Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lilly Update

We are officially in IBESR!!! Our # is 15041!!!! IBESR is the haitian government office that signs off on the papperwork. Once thru this Lilly Will get her new birth certificate!1 It will list Brandon and I as her parents!! It will also say Lillian Chrystelle Rain Smith. Yeah!!! Audrey said that Marie expects her file to be out in 10-15 days. The doctor wrote letters, as did we to expedite her file so we just are praying it works. Then we will either get a medical visa or a regular visa whichever comes first. I am hoping we can pick her up in 3 to 4 weeks at the most. She is still in the hospital and will remain there until we can get her home. But Marie said she is doing better. Keep praying everyone.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Not much news here. We are waiting to hear if Lilly will be expedited or not. There are a couple children going home to there forever families this week at Lilly's Orphanage. Congratulations everyone!! It is so nice to see them finally going home. We did get some new pictures of her. I will try to post them soon. She looks good in them. This has made the director quite busy though so we have not gotten anywhere this week. Audrey from the agency we are adopting Lilly thru is going to Haiti next wednesday so I hope to hear more then.
Nothing new in China. We are still not expecting to travel at this rate until next summer. It is all this way for a reason though. I have a feeling Lilly may require some spoiling upon her arrival.

Friday, September 01, 2006

We are out of REVIEW!!!!

We just heard that we are out of the review room in China!!!! This is a huge relief. One step closer to Rory. Basically it means that China has reviewed our Dossier and sees us fit to be parents. Yahoo!!!! This actually makes me feel a little better.

Also in other news Princess Lilly has a chariot!! My mom and sister surprised me with a new stroller. It is pink and grey and only weight 12 pounds, just like Lilly!! It is perfect for travel. I can't wait until it arrives. I love it. Thanks Mom and Katie!!

And finally yesterday we got a new family member. A new baby kitten. Brandon says she is a worker. She will take care of our fall mouse has not started this year yet. She is a caloco tabby mix. We are trying to decide on a name. We are probably going to go with Minnie. She is very fiesty and is quite funny to watch. She definatly keeps me occupied.
Wishing everyone ahappy labor day.