Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a few more

A few pics from WDW!

I was tagged

i am: usually in a bit over my head! But I get bored easy!

i think: that we need to pay more attention to the worls around us.

i know: that if people payed attention they would all be nicer.

i want: to open my store.

i have: the best family I could have ever wished for.

i wish: my husband had more free time

i hate: that there are so many children without families in the world.

i miss: my parents, sister, niece and nephew and the rest of me family, they are far away.

i fear: rodents

i feel : mostly happy.

i hear: traffic out front with rain splashing

i smell: nothing actually

i crave: A quiet night with my husband.

i search: for ways to be a better person.

i wonder: when Lilly will stop shouting so much

i regret: A lot

i love: my kids, my family

i ache: for all the babies without families out there

i care: about the world.

i always: like to sleep late.

i am not: happy with my weight.

i believe: in God, the Holy Trinity

i dance: every chance I get

i sing: always. Just watch Lilly!

i cry: at the "save the children" infomercials, when I am frustrated

i don’t always: clean up around here like I should

i fight: for what I believe

i write: on my blog

i win: I always win

i lose: what is losing?

i never: want to do anything that will harm my children

i confuse: my head and my heart

i listen: to country music

i can usually be found: On the computer, at WDW, doing laundry, those diapers don't wash themselves

i am scared: that I will never accomplish all the things in my life that I want to

i need: to travel

i am happy about: my friends and family, my life, all my adventures and opportunities

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


10 More days until we go to WDW!!!!
Lilly is very exited. We watch the WDW sing alongs all day it seems!
We can't wait to see Mickey!

THE RANGERS WON!!! Game 1 of the playoffs is over and Brandon got to go. They beat the Devils!!! Go Rangers!

Lastly we have settled on our favorite diapers finally (I think) Heehee!

Our winners are
Green Acre Designs! Awesome diapers!!!!
Baby Kangas! We love that they are snaps and easy to take the liners out of!!!
Blueberry snap Minky's SOOOO CUTE!!!
Tiny Tush, Good solid diaper!

I think I may sell off the rest of our stash. I already sold most of what we started with for just about the same as we paid for it.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

here are some more recent pics of the girls

These are of last week when my sister and Niece and Nephew came out to visit. We went to NYC and Alexei got to join us. It sure is nice being so close!

New headbands!

I got these from my friend Janet's fund raiser to bring her third daughter home from PAC! The girls love them.

If you want some yourself the site is


They are only $3 a piece!