Monday, April 30, 2007

Nov. 1, cutoff for China refferals

I know it is not us YET! But it is farther that anyone thought they would get after last month 2 day batch. Also it finally hit me THEY ARE IN NOVEMBER! That is where we are FINALLY they are reffering people with LID'S really close to ours. Rory will be coming home this summer!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lilly Walked today!

OK...she was walking holding on to the little rolling walker thing. But still it was by herself! She is so close to running all over the place. YIKES!
Sorry I have not posted in awhile.
We went to Chicago for Easter. We had a great trip. Brandon was able to come out as well and everyone got to meet Princess Lilly Monster Smith as my niece calls her! I will post pictures soon. When we returned last Thursday I got this horrible cold that is just now subsiding.
China did do refferals before Easter. However they only did 2 days worth. No one knows what this means for the next few batches. We don't know if we will see Rory's picture in a few weeks or in a few months right now. It was very hard on me this round, I think because I was thinking we were going to be next. I let it start to feel real to me. BIG MISTAKE! I think that the next time I will let it feel like anything is when were in China. This journey to adopt from China has been the terrible. Someone said when I made a comment about China being a rollercoaster ride that it was more like the Tower of Terror. I had to laugh and agree. It really has been tough. I think had we not been expecting a 5-6 month wait 18 months ago it could have been a little better. So now I am going to not focus on it. I think that the next time I post about China it will be with a picture or a little girl. Then it will be all ok.