Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Lilly's new dew!

My friend Steph who own's sent us a little extra surprise in our last order. Lilly and her daughter G are from the same Orphanage in Haiti. These are the cutest hair ballies. They are flip flops, flowers, hula girls and some other tropical things. So CUTE!
Thanks Steph!

Key West!

Happy Birthday key lime pie!

We were finally feeling up to venturing out last night! e went to Mallory Square and to a cute little outdoor cafe for Rory's Birthday. We had a very nice time. People told us not to take kids to Key West because there is nothing to do. I am not sure but maybe all these people do is go to bars? We are very excited as we have a whole list of things to do with the gils. Today we are going to take a ride on the Conch Train Which Lilly is so excited about! Tomorrow the Aquarium and maybe Hemmingway's house. Just walking around the beautiful old town is great. It is so peaceful here.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


We are finally in Key west after 4 days of travel. All of us were very sick on the trip down. But we will be foraging out tonigh to see Old Town and have a Birthday Dinner for Rory and to celebrate yesterdays anniversary of Lilly finally being with us for good!