Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reviews so far of the dipes!

I am brand new and I am trying out new Pockets. This is what I have tried this week. I Love this so far.

I LOVE KELLY'S CLOSET! They sent out my new order the same day when I sent her an email stating that I really needed them! She is GREAT!

The girls look so cute running around in them. We got all pocket diapers.
Here are my reviews

Fuzzy buns
works good, No leaks. Fit both girls well. The snaps are a little weird at first but not bad. Very thin looking on. Easy to deal with. I ordered 9 more of these.

Kanga baby

I like the front pocket. It seems a bit more secure. The rise in front is a little lower. No leaks here either! Very cute! The snaps were very confusing at first but once we figured it out were easy. I ordered 3 more.

Bum Genius

We love the Velcro! These are easy to stuff and to get on and off! They are low rise in back but they fit the girls. They fit Rory better. She has a little Bum and chunky legs. They were a little tight on her legs but they are easier to adjust. No leaks here either. I ordered 6 more.

Tiny Tush

We LOVE these
These also had no leaks. However Kelly's only had butter, red and black so we only ordered 3 more. We will order more pink when they come in. These seemed to have the most coverage. They were great on Lilly's teeny tiny legs and were easiest to get on. Not flimsy at all. A little thick. But they could hold a flood I think!

I did order 2 Thirsties as well. I am sure we will need more diapers eventually but this is what I am starting with. I am so happy I did this. The goal of the experiment was to find a brand I liked for each girl. Well I liked them all. So I got a few of each!

I have also ordered 4 Blueberries, so we can try out side snaps and 2 Rumparoos. They are really cute.

I Love them and so do the girls. They are so happy in them. We all love the soft cosy feel of the cloth diapers! I dread that I have to put them in disposables while I wash the CD's until the new diapers get here and we have enough to get by!

We are also seriously considering opening a natural baby store here on LI. We would sell Cloth Diapers, Organic baby clothes and toys, baby wearing items and mommy stuff. Also we would have classes on being more earth friendly. There is nothing of that sort that we can find out here. We really loved the one in Salem. We are going back to see Jen at Granola baby in a few weeks. We have found a spot here in Port Jeffs that would be perfect. Things are really happening here. I am really excited about it all!


I guess it's good that I am trying out all these diapers! I can figure out what we want to sell!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cloth Diapers!

This week we made the switch to cloth diapering.
This wasn't a quick switch. I have been researching for a long time! I feel so great about this though. I only bought a few to start but the girls LOVE being in them. They are so soft they feel like panties!

I ordered a bunch more yesterday and I hope they get here fast. I am washing as soon as they get soiled so they can wear them as often as possible!

Does anyone else here cloth diaper? What type do you use? I now have a mixture because I liked 4 different kinds! None of them leaked. In fact last night I had to put Rory in a disposable and Lilly in a Cloth and Rory's leaked! So much for that.
I wish I would have started doing this from the beginning. It really is great. It is not hard at all. The pocket diapers are so much like disposables except softer and so much cuter! I should take a picture. They have little pink bums now! Little pink Bubble bums!

Sorry I had to gush a bit.


Monday, March 10, 2008

I have a new blog

We are getting out more in NY and we are traveling a lot now. I wanted to start a blog that told of our travels and of how the girls are received at the various restaurants we visit. It is not always well! I thought this may help some other paying parents to avoid the bad people! As well as give them a heads up on the great establishments out there.
The new Address is