Monday, July 30, 2007

1 more week!

We leave for china in 1 week! It is crazy right now. we have decided to have the girls baptized as soon as we get back to Chicago. So we have been frantically getting that together as well as packing and getting the Lilly monster ready! In 2 weeks from now we will have Princess Aurora Grace finally!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Travel Itenerary!

We purchased our tickets today!!! It is finally real.

Our trip will start on Aug. 6th (yes in 11 days!!!)

08/06/07 - Vegas to meet my parents so they can take Lilly home with them.

08/07/07 - Fly from Vegas to LAX. Leave LAX at 11:50pm to fly to Guangzhou, China

08/09/07 - Arrive in Guangzhou and hop on plane to Beijing. We are staying at the Capitol Hotel

08/10/07 to 08/12/07 - Tour Beijing and Great Wall

08/12/07 - Fly to Changsha and check into the Dolton Hotel

08/13/07 - WE MEET AURORA GRACE!!!!

08/14/07 - we officially adopt Aurora Grace

08/15/07 to 08/17/07 - we wait for Rory's passport and tour Changsha

08/17/07 - We fly to Guangzhou to get Rory's VISA. We are staying at The White Swan hotel. I want our Barbie doll!

08/18/07 - Medical

08/19/07 - Shopping in Guangzhou

08/20/07 - tour Guangzhou and 1st conulate apt.

08/21/07 - VISA swearing in and fly home!

08/22/07 - We will arrive in Chicago!!! Miss Aurora Grace will be a United States citizen as soon as we step off the plane at LAX!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Today has been 28 months and 16 days sense the day I called Brandon and said we should adopt a baby girl from China. I can honestly say I have not breathed a full breath since that day. Until today. I feel better today. You would think upon seeing Rory that I would have felt better. But No, it was today. We got our TA and that was when it happened. Today we got a letter from China saying that Yes, they agree. Dan Ning is our baby. Everything is good, she is healthy and will you please come get her. That was it, that was the moment it hit me. This beautiful child, who looks a lot like my husband and my nephew, is our baby. In 13 days we will travel to China. In 18 days they will hand her to me. We aren't going to let go.
When we got Lilly people would say "well at least you have Lilly" "you are busy now it is good that you are waiting for Rory". No I can honestly say I needed them both. I need Lilly because she is and has always been my baby girl. She is wild and crazy. She is funny and truth be told EXACTLY like me. But that didn't fill that empty spot. Rory is that spot, in 18 days that place in my heart and soul will finally be filled. My girls will soon be home, together, HOME. I needed my family together. I know that everyday I will think I was crazy, everyday I will know that This is where all of us belong. Brandon and I, Alexei, Lilly and Rory, Together.
Today I will breathe, tomorrow I will find my destiny.


We are so excited! We are leaving to pick up Rory on Aug. 7th! Gotcha day will be on Aug. 13th. 13 is my lucky number so I am thrilled about that!!! Only 18 more days without Aurora Grace is with us! It feels like a whirlwind today.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Still waiting

We are still waiting for our TA (travel approval) from china. It should be here by the beginning of next week. We found out that Rory is in foster care. Which is different that what her paperwork says. It is good for her though. It means she is getting more attention. We are also waiting on her updated information. Those should be here by the end of the week. I am starting to pack and get everything together for our trip. It should be in about 3 weeks.
Lilly is walking now. She is into everything! I can't wait to have our girls in the same place!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Aurora Grace

I just wanted to bump this up because I can't stop looking at her. In 5 weeks from Monday we should be holding our little Princess Aurora. I am getting so excited. This has been the longest journey I could imagine. But in the end we now will have our three gorgeous girls. Life doesn't get much better that that.

Friday, July 13, 2007

1 Year ago today

I arrived in Haiti to meet Princess Lilly. I can honestly say neither her or I have ever been the same. These are pictures of that day and now. It amazing how much she has grown.
I love you Princess Lilly Monster!

The first time I held Lilly on July 13, 2006
Lilly was 8 months old and about 7 pounds!

Her smile has always lit up a room!
July 2006

At Disneyland May 30, 2007
All 20 pounds of rambunctious wild Lilly monster!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

For my girls

"Somewhere far across the sea
Waits a little heart for me
Amazing though how it may seem
We both are sharing the same dream
I long to tuck you in at night
And hold your tiny hand so tight
To kiss your tears and keep you near
To chase away your every fear
No one knows the tears I've cried
The emptiness I've felt inside
Only God knew what to do
A red thread tied from me to you
And now my love it's almost time
When I'll be yours and you'll be mine
Soon forever-never to part
My child I bore inside my heart"

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rory's parework

So the mom who is adopting the little girl at Rory's orpanage and I
realized that we cannot understand Chinese! We read the
chart wrong. Rory is not impatient, she is quiet. She likes to read
picture books and listen to music and has a ready smile. She likes
toys and can hold her blocks. She is closest to her caretaker and
crib mate (we think is Meili). We like that at least the girls are
together now. She follows voices and knows who is familiar and a
stranger. She also laughs out load.
Not sure how meeting the Lilly monster who is LOUD, wild and crazy
is going to go. Me mom says that Katie and I were exact opposites
growing up so I guess it is fitting.

Tuesday after refferal

I feel like we havn't stopped moving since getting Rory's refferal. It has been a good crazy though. I had a moment in Target that I realized we are gonna have a BABY!!! Then the panic, we are going to have a baby!!!! We need things I had returned because I never thought Rory would be SO YOUNG! I am fine now though. We had dinner with our travel mates on Saturday. It was so great to all be together talking about our girls. There is one little girl from our group in the same orphanage as Rory. She is only 2 days older than Rory. At least by the estimate! All the babies are so cute. One family has a 9 month old and the other has a 2 year old little girl. They asked for an older child and she is perfect. We are all so excited to go get them.
Our tentative gotcha day is Aug. 20, 2007. I CAN"T WAIT!
Lilly is practicing how to be gentle with her baby Rory. I sure hope Rory's personality can hold up to the Lilly Monster, she is something!
Brandon is leaving tonight on his first fire. He is a meteorologist and he goes to fires to help forcast wind direction and how the fire is going to react to the current conditions. He will be gone for 1 to 2 weeks. So we had to cancel San Diego. We are disappointed, but I do have a lot to do here before we go to China.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Introducing Aurora Grace (Jiang Dan Ning)

DOB 1/6/07
Weight: 13lbs (6.2 kg)
Currently waiting for us at Pingjiang SWI, Hunan Provence

Here are her pics!! If you click on them they are easier to see!!

Lilly and Alexei have a sister!!!!

Alexei and Lilly have a BABY sister! Rory is 6 months old today! Her birthday is Jan. 6, 2007. She was born 1 day after we got to Haiti to pick up Lilly. I guess she wasn't ready before that!. Get this Rory has blond hair! No I am not kidding. She is the lightest asian baby that we have ever seen. She is just beautiful. She is from Hunan, so we have a spicy baby! She likes music and toys and is impatient. Sounds like we got the right one. Lilly likes to give baby Rory kisses (she takes the special picture that the agency made her and she kisses it). Brandon is going back to work and will scan the pictures for the blog. They should be up in about an hour! We are so excited. Thanks for all the well wishes these past few days.


We have been waiting so long for this

The CCAA has finished the review of the adoption application documents registered with our office before May 31, 2006.
The CCAA has finished the placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with our office before November 14, 2005.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Refferals are staring

People on the west coast are recieving refferals right now! We should see Rory by tomorrow! I am so excited that she is finally going to be revealed to us! I will update as soon as I hear anything.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The stork is on his way!!

There are some rumors that some agency's say that the refferals have been sent. If this is true we could see Rory tomorrow or Thursday! We are getting excited. Just thinking that her picture is on it's way to us right now is crazy! I will post more as soon as we hear something.