Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Closer to getting Lilly!!

Hi everyone. Well I had a very busy but fun weekend. My cousin is now married and on her Honeymoon. My family threw me the most beautiful shower. I will post pics soon. I got so many presents. I had to leave 3 suitcases full for my parents to bring out at thanksgiving. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!! It was such a wonderful shower. It had a book theme. The girls are definitly going to be spoiled.
This morning Audrey from TFN called. The woman that is in IBESR temporarily has been told she can sign out 7 files. Lilly is one of them!!! Yeah!!! We also heard from Marie that we should be out on Friday, Monday or Tuesday!!!! I am so happy. Then we can apply for the medical visa. We are told that should take a week possibly two!!! Then our baby can come home!!! They think she may need surgery on her intestins. We have a doctor here for her and when she comes home he will be giving us a refferal to a specialist who has delt with Haitian adopted children with intestinal problems before. I really feel she will recover from whatever she has.
Anyway my husband is off from work next Friday the 20th till at least the 25th but can get more time if he needs it. My last day at work is next monday so we are thinking that we will fly tp Haiti sometime between the 20th and the 25th and just wait it out. We are waiting to hear more from Audrey tomorrow but it may finally be getting close.

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Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Wow you are so close, I am so excited for both of you.