Wednesday, November 08, 2006

1 Year since LID

I never thought I would be sitting here without Rory tonight. Funny how the last year has changed so much. It will probably be another 6 months until I see her precious face. A year ago we were so excited. Going thru what we thought was our last Holidays without her.
Now a year later we know that there is nothing certain. Nothing except that God will make things turn out just perfect.
In May of this year, when we thought we would see Rory for the first time, I was looking online just playing around on adoption sites. And then I saw her. The most gorgeous child I had ever layed Eyes on. I knew right then why the timing wasn't right for China yet. If we were at the place we thougt we would be I would not have found my Lilly. The bright spot in these past few months. Someone I cannot picture my life without.
Even though this wait is hard and we want Rory home as soon as possible. I know that God intended for us to have both these beautiful angels. Just in his own time. We look forward to this next year with excitement and curiosity. I no longer think constantly of only what my experience in it will be but the experiences of my daughters. How they will have their lives changed this year in ways they could never have imagined. Sisters from around the world.

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