Sunday, May 06, 2007

18 month pictures!

Lilly is so pretty in this picture.
She is gonna be trouble when she is in Highschool!This is with her Dolly from the pottery barn.
She is such a cuddle bear.

Look I can stand!
I can also cruise around the room, and chase my cat!

I am so happy today!


Linda said...

Hi, I found your blog through I just have to say that your Lilly is just beautiful! My husband and I are hoping to be able to start paperwork for an adoption from China sometime next year.

Mama said...

Lilly is so lovely. I bookmarked your blog. I am excited to see you travel to get Rory. Will you take Lilly? We have DD#1 home from China and she will be right around 2 when we travel to VN for DD#2 - and we are taking her. She is attached well, but I don't know how she would respond to me leaving for 2 - 4 weeks, and then coming home with a new baby! :( But, I am sure traveling with her will be terribly difficult. Interested to hear what you do. Good luck. Emanual

Clark And Kim Lindquist' Family page said...

Hi! Wow, your daughter is hamming it up for the camra. Its good to see her standing! Kim L.

Kim said...

Just adorable :)