Saturday, January 05, 2008

1 year ago today!

It has been exactly one year since Brandon and I arrived in Haiti to pick up our precious Lilly. Life has never been the same since. She was 12 lbs of pure delight. Now she has doubled her size and NEVER stops moving. She is such a joy to everyone she comes into contact with. We are truly Blessed to have been given the gift of being her parents.
Little did we know that at that same time a half a world away our little family was becoming complete in Hunan Province, China with the birth of a gorgeous baby girl.
This is a day we will always celebrate as the biggest day in our lives.
Tonight we are going to celebrate at a Caribbean restaurant here on LI.
Oh what a difference a year makes!


Louanne said...

Really sweet and so true!

Addie said...

What a blessing to have your two precious girls home.

~Hugs, Addie

tenley's mom said...

i thought i saw somewhere that you used WIA agency in utah is that right? if so email me at

asiangarden said...

that is so great!

Dawn Shelton said...

Congratulations! We are adopting from Haiti and China also! Fun to see your family!