Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cloth Diapers!

This week we made the switch to cloth diapering.
This wasn't a quick switch. I have been researching for a long time! I feel so great about this though. I only bought a few to start but the girls LOVE being in them. They are so soft they feel like panties!

I ordered a bunch more yesterday and I hope they get here fast. I am washing as soon as they get soiled so they can wear them as often as possible!

Does anyone else here cloth diaper? What type do you use? I now have a mixture because I liked 4 different kinds! None of them leaked. In fact last night I had to put Rory in a disposable and Lilly in a Cloth and Rory's leaked! So much for that.
I wish I would have started doing this from the beginning. It really is great. It is not hard at all. The pocket diapers are so much like disposables except softer and so much cuter! I should take a picture. They have little pink bums now! Little pink Bubble bums!

Sorry I had to gush a bit.



amy said...

I cant wait to read about these..Good for you!!!!

K said...

Good for you! I will be using cloth diapers when I adopt my daughter. I'm actually the designer of PooPockets so I'll be making mine.

I'm a daycare provider and advertise that I prefer cloth diapers so I've tried many different brands. I prefer a simple system, a diaper and a velcro cover to hold it on. No snaps, please! They take too long when dealing with multiple kids.

I'd love to know what diapers and covers you are using. is also using cloth diapers.

I've posted twice about cloth diapers on my blog to help promote them and let others know that there are many options in cloth diapers today, unlike in our grandmothers' day.