Friday, April 03, 2009

We just got back from Disney world! AGAIN!!
The girls and I took a quick trip with my friend Dianne. It was her first trip there and it was so fun to see it in that way. We had such a great time and it is always wonderful to spend time with Dianne. I just wish we lived near each other again!
Here are some of our pictures!

The girls in front of our hotel Disney's Port Orleans Riverside.
It was rainy that day but still beautiful.

We love seeing our friend Katie at Spoodles! Katie was on a mission trip in Haiti when I was there picking up Lilly for a month. We always make sure to stop in and see her. This time she had the neatest coloring books for the girls!
Thanks Katie!

All of us on the carousel in the Magic Kingdom!

The girls were in an impromptu dance contest. Lilly was one of the finalists! She is half the size of the other kids! Thats my little Dancing Queen.

We had fun on the teacups. Rory had a great time!


Tracy said...

Looks like Disney was a blast! :)

Stephanie said...

wow heidi look at that rory is almost the same size as lily!!!!!! is that just a trick of the camera???

how is lily doing overall? any lingering issues? any adjustment stuff? she looks fab!

Heidi said...

Lilly is doing great. they actually are the same size. Lilly is a little taller but other than that they are the same. Rory is more demanding and Lilly is crazy. She has no fear of anything except bugs. No issues at all. She will always be small I think, but she is all muscle.