Monday, March 05, 2007

China news

China did refferals today. They went to Oct. 24, 2005. We are Nov. 9, 2005. Only 16 more days of LID's to go. It could be 1 or 2 months. Personally I think it will be 2 months. So we will have Rory sometime in June or July. It is strange that I feel that it is even close enough to predict. I guess you never really know. It is 2 years this week that we started the process to bring our little girl home from China. It is hard to believe that she will ever be home with us. Lilly is in for a surprise!
Lilly is doing great. She is so funny she has learned to play peek - abu but her hands dont really cover her eyes. She just laughs hysterically the whole time. Also she is standing when holding on to something now. This is great combined with the peek-abu at church. She also loves caribbean music. I have a CD with childrens music from the islands on it. She waves that little finger in time to the music and we think she is singing. We aren't sure what it is that she is singing though. Too Cute. She is just so interested in everything around her.

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Marlie said...

Heidi - I see that you were at one time adopting from China and Haiti simultaneously. Did you simply file two I-600A applications?
We just received our I-171H for China. We called Miami USCIS to see if we could also apply for a Colombia I-171H and they weren't sure if we were allowed to do this! The representative was going to talk with a supervisor. We have to call back on Monday.
Could you email me at

Marlie Arellano