Wednesday, April 09, 2008


10 More days until we go to WDW!!!!
Lilly is very exited. We watch the WDW sing alongs all day it seems!
We can't wait to see Mickey!

THE RANGERS WON!!! Game 1 of the playoffs is over and Brandon got to go. They beat the Devils!!! Go Rangers!

Lastly we have settled on our favorite diapers finally (I think) Heehee!

Our winners are
Green Acre Designs! Awesome diapers!!!!
Baby Kangas! We love that they are snaps and easy to take the liners out of!!!
Blueberry snap Minky's SOOOO CUTE!!!
Tiny Tush, Good solid diaper!

I think I may sell off the rest of our stash. I already sold most of what we started with for just about the same as we paid for it.


Louanne said...

Heidi, I love that you are selling the diapers to another family rather than stashing them.

Have fun at WDW! I can't wait to take Nadia when she is bigger.

Sarah & Crew said...

Don't you love cloth diapering? My youngest is nearly potty trained, and while I'm happy about that, I will miss my cloth diapering days.

Marie is willing to give cloth diapers a try, and I'm going to send her my stash that we've outgrown, so if you can't find someone to take your stash off your hands, you may want to check with her and see if she is going to stick with cd'ing the little ones :)

small town girl said...

Have a great time with your family at WDW, and when you get home check out my blog for 4/21---you have been tagged!