Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I was tagged

i am: usually in a bit over my head! But I get bored easy!

i think: that we need to pay more attention to the worls around us.

i know: that if people payed attention they would all be nicer.

i want: to open my store.

i have: the best family I could have ever wished for.

i wish: my husband had more free time

i hate: that there are so many children without families in the world.

i miss: my parents, sister, niece and nephew and the rest of me family, they are far away.

i fear: rodents

i feel : mostly happy.

i hear: traffic out front with rain splashing

i smell: nothing actually

i crave: A quiet night with my husband.

i search: for ways to be a better person.

i wonder: when Lilly will stop shouting so much

i regret: A lot

i love: my kids, my family

i ache: for all the babies without families out there

i care: about the world.

i always: like to sleep late.

i am not: happy with my weight.

i believe: in God, the Holy Trinity

i dance: every chance I get

i sing: always. Just watch Lilly!

i cry: at the "save the children" infomercials, when I am frustrated

i don’t always: clean up around here like I should

i fight: for what I believe

i write: on my blog

i win: I always win

i lose: what is losing?

i never: want to do anything that will harm my children

i confuse: my head and my heart

i listen: to country music

i can usually be found: On the computer, at WDW, doing laundry, those diapers don't wash themselves

i am scared: that I will never accomplish all the things in my life that I want to

i need: to travel

i am happy about: my friends and family, my life, all my adventures and opportunities

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kris said...

So glad to see this one got around, i did it 1 or 2 months ago- it's a good one, loved reading yours. Just happened upon your site :) You have such beautiful children!