Saturday, February 03, 2007

Home at last

Hi everyone!
We are home! I Utah, with running hot water and nice cosy clean clothes! I
am still in the stage of thinking I am dreaming that my Lilly is here with
us. We got in late and Lilly woke up when we got to the airport to all her
fanefare. My friends and my Mom and Brandon all met us there with a big
sign it was very cute. She hardly cried all day. Many people said to me
that is the best baby I have ever seen on a plane. One lady at the
starbucks in Miami (the most beautiful starbucks I have ever seen!) said
"oh, your daughter is so cute she looks just like you!" uh ok thanks I
guess. Weird. Anyway I wanted to say that I felt tottally safe and
comfortable when in Haiti. I cannot say enough about the heroics on the
part of Marie and Calib. They are really the best. I cannot imagine doing
what they do everyday! Also that I will truely miss Veniel and the staff at
Walls' after a month they are like family to me. Veniels family has now
moved to the guesthouse. Venieka his daughter is such a doll and his wife
is really helpful. They did quite a bit with us when we were there and it
was nice to have that time with them. We are getting settled this morning
so I may not post much in the next few days. Thanks for everyones support from the PAcCgroup, esspecially Jenny and Michelle who listened to me on the phone all the time. Mostly I want to thank Brandon and my Mom who I spoke todaily and they helped with everything they could even though they were so far away. Thanks Becki for calling!!!


Leigh Ann said...

Congratulations - Lily is beautiful. I found out about your blog after joining a yahoo group on adopting from Haiti. We adopted our daughter, Hana, in China on 6/12/06 and we want to adopt another daughter from Haiti.
Thanks for sharing.

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Yeou are back home.can't wait to see some pictures!