Sunday, June 17, 2007

Camping at Bear Lake

Brandon and I took Lilly camping for a few days this week. We wanted to do something just the three of us, since this will probably be the only time that happens! We went to Bear Lake in northern Utah. We had a great time, it is a beautiful place. We stayed in a cabin at a KOA and it was wonderful. I am sure most do not consider this camping, but this is as close as I am getting! We have to cancel out fall Disney trip due to China, and we are now planning a week long Cabin stay around different KOA's in Utah and Colorado instead. Lilly and I LOVED the swing on the porch. I have got to get a swing in my yard.

Lilly and her daddy went in a cave to explore. They had lots of fun. I was planning on joining them until we got to the entrance and the guide assured us that there was only 1 way in and 1 way out and that it was 888 steps round trip, 444 in and 444 out! But that wasn't the kicker, the real reason was that next she tols us that the cave was home to 5 spiecies of Bats and pack rats! I just looked at Brandon and he said ok see you in an hour! I could just see getting 400 steps in and a rat running by me! The guide said "well you may not see one". Well hunny with my lung issues and the steps and the anxiety attacks that rodents cause me I don't think you want to be in the cave that has 1 exit with me if one just happens to scurry by! I honestly think I could have had an ashma attack in there and died! Brandon said when they came out that it was a good thing I didn't go in. 3 other people gave up the trip midway just on the stairs alone. Funny Lilly didn't complain!
We also went to a great farmers market in Logan. What a cute town! We loved it there. Small college town with a hippy feel in the middle of the mountains. Also we drove thru Bringham city and stopped at a yard sale to help a girl go to Guatamala to help in Orphanages. They just loved Lilly. Very nice people in that town. Then we went to Maddox steakhouse for lunch. We had heard so many good things and this place did not disappoint. They had skinless fried chicken! We will be making that drive again soon I think!
Only 2 more weeks until July!!! We should see Rory around the 4th! We are getting very excited around here. I think Lilly is going to love having a sister to play with. We need to start getting Lilly's room ready for her sister. We need to move some stuff and get the crib in there. After looking at an empty crib in there for over a year before Lilly came home we just havn't gotten around to setting up the second one yet. I think we may work on that this week.

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