Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lilly's 1st trip to Las vegas and Disneyland!

At the end of May Brandon and I with our friend Dianne took Lilly on her first trip to the fabulous Las Vegas! Brandon then flew home and Dianne and I went on to meet my family in LA for my Grandpa Hermans birthday surprise! All of us in LA was definitly a surprise! They went to see the price is right and we took the kids to Disneyland!

Grandma and Grandpa, I think Grandpa is still in shock!

Lilly loved Disneyland. The music is always a hit with her. She danced on Smallworld and we rode winnie the pooh 4 times in a row! She was so cute dancing, we kept going on it.

Las Vegas

My first trip to Margaritaville!

Can I trade this for a pretty blue one like daddy and mommy got?

Look at all these crazy people!


I think I wanna be a mouseketeer Mom!

Oh wait this is better a mouseketeer Princess!!!

Aunt Dianne look at all the kids singing! Are we finished with this line yet?

Look there all singing the same song over and over and over!

Mommy I'm confused is this the good mouse or the bad mouse?

Lauren your silly!

Ryan, Madylin and Lilly on the Ponies

Lilly and my Mom and I watching the parade.


katedrew94 said...

I came across your blog and your post on the DIS- who knew there were so many Disney fans who adopt kids? :) Lily is too cute! How sweet to take her to DL for the first time!

Gardiner Family Blog Spot said...

She is such a doll Heidi!!! I loved seeing the pics. Love, Gala