Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Today has been 28 months and 16 days sense the day I called Brandon and said we should adopt a baby girl from China. I can honestly say I have not breathed a full breath since that day. Until today. I feel better today. You would think upon seeing Rory that I would have felt better. But No, it was today. We got our TA and that was when it happened. Today we got a letter from China saying that Yes, they agree. Dan Ning is our baby. Everything is good, she is healthy and will you please come get her. That was it, that was the moment it hit me. This beautiful child, who looks a lot like my husband and my nephew, is our baby. In 13 days we will travel to China. In 18 days they will hand her to me. We aren't going to let go.
When we got Lilly people would say "well at least you have Lilly" "you are busy now it is good that you are waiting for Rory". No I can honestly say I needed them both. I need Lilly because she is and has always been my baby girl. She is wild and crazy. She is funny and truth be told EXACTLY like me. But that didn't fill that empty spot. Rory is that spot, in 18 days that place in my heart and soul will finally be filled. My girls will soon be home, together, HOME. I needed my family together. I know that everyday I will think I was crazy, everyday I will know that This is where all of us belong. Brandon and I, Alexei, Lilly and Rory, Together.
Today I will breathe, tomorrow I will find my destiny.


amy said...

What a beautiful last line!!! Congrats and I cant wait to read more!

LaLa said...

Congrats on your TA...I know what you mean, it is so hard to believe it actually will happen..but it WILL.... can't wait to follow along!