Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday after refferal

I feel like we havn't stopped moving since getting Rory's refferal. It has been a good crazy though. I had a moment in Target that I realized we are gonna have a BABY!!! Then the panic, we are going to have a baby!!!! We need things I had returned because I never thought Rory would be SO YOUNG! I am fine now though. We had dinner with our travel mates on Saturday. It was so great to all be together talking about our girls. There is one little girl from our group in the same orphanage as Rory. She is only 2 days older than Rory. At least by the estimate! All the babies are so cute. One family has a 9 month old and the other has a 2 year old little girl. They asked for an older child and she is perfect. We are all so excited to go get them.
Our tentative gotcha day is Aug. 20, 2007. I CAN"T WAIT!
Lilly is practicing how to be gentle with her baby Rory. I sure hope Rory's personality can hold up to the Lilly Monster, she is something!
Brandon is leaving tonight on his first fire. He is a meteorologist and he goes to fires to help forcast wind direction and how the fire is going to react to the current conditions. He will be gone for 1 to 2 weeks. So we had to cancel San Diego. We are disappointed, but I do have a lot to do here before we go to China.

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