Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rory's parework

So the mom who is adopting the little girl at Rory's orpanage and I
realized that we cannot understand Chinese! We read the
chart wrong. Rory is not impatient, she is quiet. She likes to read
picture books and listen to music and has a ready smile. She likes
toys and can hold her blocks. She is closest to her caretaker and
crib mate (we think is Meili). We like that at least the girls are
together now. She follows voices and knows who is familiar and a
stranger. She also laughs out load.
Not sure how meeting the Lilly monster who is LOUD, wild and crazy
is going to go. Me mom says that Katie and I were exact opposites
growing up so I guess it is fitting.


Gracie's mom said...

Rory is beautiful. Our baby, Grace, is in the same orphanage and --we think -- the two babies resemble each other a bit. Maybe we can stay in touch once we get our babies! -- Caitlin www.gracexuechun.blogspot.com

amy said...

I love reading about Rory!~