Friday, August 03, 2007

Hair post

So tonight my friend Dianne came up to see us and say goodbye. I started to tell her the hair drama and we decided that if it was blond, or at least lighter, I would feel better. We ran out to tell Brandon and with my cousin watching Lilly (she was sleeping) we all went to Sally's (1st time for us!) . Do you know how to lighten your blond hair that you dyed twice to make it red? Apparently you HAVE to bleach it! This was sounding frightening to Dianne and I. We were at Sally's an hour deciding what to do. We decided to go ahead with the bleach (not your kitchen kind) idea but we learned you have to cover the whole head really fast or my hair will be spotted. YIKES, this is getting more terrifying by the minute! So we get home and it is decided that Brandon and Dianne will each dye a side of my hair so it goes on faster. It takes at least 15 minutes for them to apply this stuff. I was watching the clock while wiping bleach off my eye brow and out of my ears! I have to say I was a bit nervous!
20 minutes later they are both yelling "It is turning color we have to save your hair! Hurry get over to the sink!" So Brandon washes my hair out and it looks a bit orange, but we condition it and then I go dry it. It is actually cute. It is still red but streaky blond and strawberry blondish red. It looks really good. Definitely lighter and not so shocking. I look more like me!!!!
I am much happier and I only lost a shirt to the bleach. So far my hair has not fallen out!!!


Charlotte said...

Heidi !

Do you not have enough to do days before going to China to keep you busy ! You don't want to scare Rory, lol. We need some pics of this ! I can't beleive itis time to go get her !


amy said...

Sounds great!!!

Julie said...

I had a mental image of you bald on the day you got Rory. I'm glad it worked out. That's too much drama a few days before you leave.