Wednesday, August 01, 2007


OK we are leaving to get Rory in 4 days and like 5 hours (not that I'm counting) and I was a bit restless yesterday soooo
I dyed my hair red and today I cut it all off. Alright not all but 8 inches worth! I actually did not want it this short but it seemed that the woman didn't hear me and she started cutting at my chin! I said I wanted a lot cut off but I wanted it to be able to be put in a ponytail still! I guess it will grow back. It is radically different. I am blond with long hair usually. It will fade from the red I am sure, but wow it is different. I hope they give me my baby and don't think I am someone else! It is cute, I just hope when I have to do it myself I do OK. Also that it is able to somehow be pulled back. I think it will have about an inch hanging down! I may die of heat in China.
I am trying to not miss my hair too much, it's just hair right? It just is not quite what I had in mind. I will look like a different person in all the pictures in China.


ksb said...

Heidi - I know you are so busy right now - but when you get back and settled in - I would love to visit with you....we too are adopting from Haiti and China! My email is

I love reading your blog! Kim

Todo Adopción said...

porfavor !!! avisen a las familias USA que la fecha de corte és el dia 21 de noviembre !!!
La RQ USA no quiere decirlo pero es la verdad.
Si quieren mas información, la página lo explica todo.

Todo Adopción said...