Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lilly is 2 years old!

As of midnight tonight! So her Daddy bought her a new house!!!
Today was a long day. It started out with me taking the girls to Rory's Dr's apt at the U of U. The Dr. saw her spot on her forehead which I thought was just a birthmark and said that it wasn't. It was a concentration of blood, I honestly cannot remember what he called it, and he wanted to check it out more. Apparently these can sometimes be worse on the inside and cause pressure on her brain causing a seizure or worse it could cause calcium to form on her brain and effect her brain development. So he ordered all the new adopted baby bloodwork. A LOT OF BLOOD IS NEEDED! and a cat scan and ultrasound for another issue (mostly just to be safe). So Lilly, Rory and I spent 5 hours at Children's Primary today! Rory was a little trouper though. She hung in there when they drew 15 CC of blood and did the IV for her cat scan she barely fussed and then fell asleep for the Cat scan. Lilly was entertained by this amazing woman who is a child Life specialist. I had no idea these people existed but she was my angel! Brandon was working so it was just us girls and Lilly was restless. Anyway, we were waiting in the lab to have blood drawn and it had been about an hour. Then this woman Kim comes over and introduces herself and starts playing with Lilly.
She tells us who she is and says that they are there to help families and kids waiting for lab work or needing anything. She said that she is there to help with Lilly so I could focus on Rory and making sure she was comfortable. She said if I was not stressed over Lilly needing to be occupied I would be more relaxed for what Rory needed. She played with Lilly while I took Rory in to have the bllod drawn and then she then went to the Cat scan with us! She was with us a good 2 hours. She even went to find Dr's and the Radiologist for me to ask questions to. AMAZING! I would have never thought of this as a job at the hospital but after meeting Kim I think it is the best thing I have ever experienced. She was our Angel today!
So while we are at PCH for 5 hours...Brandon is unknown to me...Putting a bid on our new house. Going back and forth with counter offers and calling mortgage people and the people who will be buying our house if it doesn't sell first. All while calling the insurance people for me and not telling me all the other things he was doing. Oh yeah and WORKING!
So at the end of today Lilly turns 2 with a new play kitchen. Mommy and Daddy have a new house in NY! They accepted our offer!!!! The babies are asleep and we are exhausted! What a day today was! Being at Primary Children's is always an eye opener though. We are so blessed to have our healthy children and have the life we do. When you see the families who's babies are really sick and they are just making the best of everyday, it makes you realize how precious life is. It makes you want to go watch those babies sleeping safe in their own beds.

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Kerri said...

What a great hospital experience. That's amazing!
Congrats on your new house.
Most importantly, Happy Birthday, Lilly!!!
Kerri and Ruby