Sunday, November 04, 2007

Some pics from this past weekend

This past weekend we went to Boca De Beppo for Lilly's Birthday (one of her celebrations!) She sure loves her aunt Amy!This is her before her big Party!

She loves her Princess Lilly purse from Snapaholics! Sisterly love! They hold hands in the car. In case you were wondering Rory can face forward because she weighs 20 1/2 LBS!!!!
Rory playing at the Herzog's

Rory Laughing at home in her excersaucer


Amy said...

The girls are so precious!

suenzig said...

thanks,,your girls are beautiful too!!

This Mama said...

Oh - my little guys used to hold hands across carseats too and it would always melt my heart. So cute, thanks for sharing :)