Sunday, November 04, 2007

More pics

These are from our Trip to NY and PA! It was great to see my Mom and spend time with her! We can't wait to get back to the East coast!

Here's Rory really really enjoying She crab soup!

Lilly was having fun with the crab crackers from our Lobster
Daddy and Lilly ready to eat! I am so excited that the girls will grow up near the ocean!

My Brandon, My Mom and the girls checking out the new kitchen

It's not a trip to the East without a visit to Wegman's

Lilly hitching a ride and checking out the sites at Sesame Place!

After all the planning Lilly was terrified of Elmo and all the character's! Also it was poring so we only stayed about 30 minutes after breakfast. Rory however couldn't get enough of the Character's. This is Elmo crying because Lilly wouldn't go sit by him. You can see my mom comforting her on the left. Rory went right over and was hanging out on his lap. Of course this was when my battery in the camera died so I don't have a picture!

She also loved Ernie!

And was esspecially thrilled with Zoe!

Bert was very interesting. I wonder what they were talking about?


Kerri said...

The pics are great!
Kerri and Ruby

blessedfamily said...

Great pictures! Your girls are beautiful!

Addie said...

Your girls are adorable!!!


Christine said...

Beautiful Family.

Where did you go and see all of these characters? It is really neat.