Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The first time we saw her face!

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This is the Picture I first saw of Chrystelle. We love that what Birthmother named her. She chose a beautiful name. I cannot imagine looking at that beautiful smile for 6 months and then having to give her up. I know that it must have been the hardest thing she has ever had to do. We are planning on naming her Lillian Chrystelle Rain. We have always thought of her as our Lilly but we couldn't bare to take away her mothers gift of her name, so we use both. Rain means abundant blessings from above. If you know a little about our Princess you know that she was very sick after her mother left. There have been many times that we were unsure of weather or not we were going to lose her. The Lord has held her in His hand though out all of this. She is now doing well. She is back at the orphanage and they say she is getting better every day. Her blessings as well as ours are very abundant.

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Jon said...

JoAnn and I are so excited for all of you. What an adorable baby! I hope all goes well in Haiti - know that we are praying for you and our thoughts are always with you.
Love your cousins,
Jon & JoAnn