Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We are leaving fpr Haiti!!!

Wow we are leaving tomorrow morning. I am very excited to take this journey. We are finished packing. I am going to meet my daughter! I don't think it has sunk in yet though. It is a very surreal feeling. I will try to keep this updated while in Haiti. We will be in Florida tomorrow night and by 10am on Thursday I will be with Lillian Chrystelle Rain Smith!!!! That child will probably think I am the strangest thing she has ever seen. Little does she know her mother.
The most recent news is that she is doing very well at the orphanage and she is eating and eating...they said they can't believe how well she is eating. I can believe it she is a member of this family and even if she doesn't know it food will be a very big part of her life.
Well, the next time I post Dianne and I will be in Haiti. Please pray for a safe and wonderful trip.

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