Friday, July 14, 2006

Greetings from Haiti

These are some pictures of Lillian Chrystelle with her elephant. She is giggling in the first picture. There is a man at Wall's that let us use his computer and camera to post this. Thanks Kermit! We will try and send more tomorrow. She had her first chocolate cake today. Mom I think we may have another chocohalic on our hands. The people here are so nice. Very helpful. I bought a carved elephant for the baby today. Miss everyone.


Jenny said...

Your daughter is beautiful, love that gorgeous smile! How your heart must be so full with happiness now! Enjoy every minute! Thanks for taking video of my little man....I cherish every little picture, video or comment about what he is doing, I miss him so.
Jenny Krebs

Stephanie said...

OMIGOSH she really does have a mohawk!!!!!!!!! How did she get that>?

I love her smile! YAY I'm so happy she is ok!


Heidi said...

WHAT is up with the mohawk!!!


FatcatPaulanne said...

She is so, so, so cute! Congratulations!

Janet said...

Heidi she is so beautiful and the hair is priceless. Enjoy your time with her!!

Wicked Witch said...

Actually folks, my hair looks like that in the morning. She is beautiful. Enjoy her!