Friday, September 07, 2007

At Home

I thought I would give a little update on being home. Rory is doing great. After her serious grieving in Changsha, she seems to be a new person. She is quiet and Happy. Always smiling, unless she is hungry or dirty! She loves to babble and thinks everything is great. Brandon says she is like ut dog Molly. "Oh, a block MY FAVORITE! Yeah Mommy, MY FAVORITE! Look at shoe, MY FAVORITE! It is very fun to watch her explore.
Lilly is doing much better with her sister. She is very protective over her. I did have to step into a little tiff yesterday over who's wooden spoon it was. Lilly wanted both, go figure! But overall I think they will have a good relationship.
Now for a few new Lilly adventures. While cooking dinner yesterday (I know not a normal occurrence) I turned around and there is miss Lilly STANDING IN THE CAT"S WATER! New stride rites and all. She just looked at me like it was perfectly normal. About an hour later after Brandon woke up (he worked nights this week) we are in the kitchen talking about the day and we look in the Family room and there's Lilly stirring my drink with the remote control. Needless to say we need a new remote. This one is fried now! We are looking at little kitchens now for her birthday. She loves to cook, just like her dad!


Becki said...

HA HA Welcome to the world of the terrible twos hmmm its just get worse! Oh yes worse! Three ....
Gotta love toddlers!

Jen said...

I love it!! Princess Lilly getting into trouble. Definitely not the same little girl I met last year.