Thursday, September 27, 2007

Busy packing

Sorry I haven't been updating! We have been diligently trying to pack up the house to make it presentable for the real estate market! I never realized that you shouldn't live in your house when selling it! The girls are down to 1 basket of toys and a excersauser and a bouncy riding zebra thing that says YAHOO! and gallops. Lilly adores this thing! My little cowgirl! Now she just needs a pink cowboy hat and to start singing Kenny!
Not much else is happening this week. Oh yeah I turn 32 on Sunday. All my friends wanted to take me out. I however convinced them that it would be much more fun to come over and have wine and paint! I want to get this house sold fast! What can I say. I was thinking last night about how excited I am to get to have all our girls together. We all miss Alexei. Lilly kisses her picture when she sees it. Oh wait now we have no pictures. We are ghosts! No one lives here!!!!

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amy said...

You sound busy. I love to read your blog