Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pictures from Chicago

This is one happy sister. This picture is of Alexei meeting Rory for the first time. We were at O'hare and we had just found Alexei and April .This is Alexei with her sisters! FINALLY!
April (Brandon's mom) brought Alexei out to my Parents in Chicago. It was her first time meeting Lilly and Rory. Lilly really seems to have taken to her!

I am a bit tired after 32 hours of travel but I assure you I was very happy to be sitting in my Dad's big chair with my babies.
Rory may be a mommy's girl but these two are all about their daddy!

We took Rory to Bucks for the first time! She sure likes bread. My parents friends own Buck's pit stop and it is a very important place for Brandon and I. It is among many other things where we got engaged.

The morning of the Baptism it sure was great to have a big sister around!
Our family with Pastor Bob at the girls Baptism.

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amy said...

How precious. I have so enjoyed reading about your family