Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pictures from China

This is Rory landing at LAX!
Rory in her first crib in Changsha, Hunan Rory in the pool at the Dolton with Daddy.
Isn't that the cutest thing ever!

Rory sleeping on the bus after we got her.
I think all the crying wore her out!

Us with the director from PingJiang CWI. She had an ear infection and was so upset that we were kidnapping her!

The new dads with their girls

Me trying to comfort a sick and scared Aurora Grace.
She wanted no part of it.

This is Aurora Grace's first felony! We are so proud of her. She was a US citizen for approximatly 2 minutes! We are leaving customs at LAX and wanted a picture to remember it by. After we took this the customs officer said that he would let us keep the picture/camera but to not ever take another picture in there. OOPS!

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Gracie's mom said...

Heidi - we are so happy for you, Rory and your whole sweet family!